Факультет гидромелиорации, экологии и землеустройства


Mission of the Faculty

The Faculty of Hydromelioration, Ecology and Land Management is the main faculty in the university. Over the 70 years of its existence, more than seven thousand graduates in water management and land reclamation, land management, geodesists and ecologists have been trained. The faculty implements educational programs of higher professional education, carries out applied scientific research, provides target training of specialists ordered by companies and under agreements with individuals and legal entities, as well as provides other educational services. At present the faculty includes 6 departments: Land Reclamation and Water Resources Management, Mining Engineering, Land Management, Geodesy and Cartography, Ecology and Environmental Protection, History and Philosophy. The faculty trains students in 5 directions that are associated with the rational use of land and water resources and their protection, with the use of water and energy resources, geodesy and cartography, environmental protection. To carry out its educational activities, the faculty has a unique training and technical base for laboratory works and scientific research. In the laboratory building, the only "Water Museum" in Central Asia has been established.

The Faculty trains bachelors and masters in the following areas:

The faculty trains bachelors and masters in the following areas: Bachelor's degree in "Environmental engineering and water management". Profiles: "Land reclamation, recultivation and protection"; "Engineering systems of agricultural water supply, watering and drainage". Bachelor's degree in "Construction" profile "Hydraulic Engineering" Bachelor's degree in "Land Management and Cadastre" profile "Land Management and Cadastre" Bachelor's degree in "Geodesy and Remote Sensing" profile "Geodesy and Remote Sensing" Bachelor's degree in "Ecology and Nature Management" profile "Ecology and Nature Management" Master's degree in "Nature Management and Water Management" profile Master's degree program in "Hydraulic Engineering". Master's degree in Land Management and Cadastre. Master's degree program in Geodesy and Remote Sensing. Master's degree in "Ecology and Nature Management".